Tony Hawk: Ride Trips Real Skaters Out

Pro skater Ryan Scheckler is totally tripped out by how precise the movements are in Tony Hawk: Ride. If a pro is tripped out, do amateur skaters stand a chance of escaping the trippage?

I seriously doubt it. I also seriously doubt that skateboard controller is going to support my weight. My skateboarding days were cut short one day when I was fourteen or fifteen, when I landed a jump wrong and found myself standing stunned on the asphalt as the two broken halves of my board shot away from me at mach 3, and that was solid wood.

We'll just have to see how that goes.

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It kinda looks like a rail skateboarding game. How does Activision think this crap is going to fool people, exactly? Will skate fans embrace it just because pro skaters have been paid to talk it up?

The Gamescom footage of the game that's lurking around on the internet makes it look like a SLIGHTLY improved version of Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam with even stupider gameplay because of the board.

I don't even like .skate that much, but I can acknowledge why people like it and why it's popular. This...this isn't the way to combat that series. I don't even know WHAT this is.