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Tomorrow, Eidos Is Square Enix's

Square Enix inches closer to its take over of Tomb Raider publisher Eidos, and the takeover is expected to go into effect tomorrow morning.


In February, both Square Enix and Eidos came to an agreement for the takeover, and the following month, Eidos shareholders overwhemingly approved of the action.

Eidos issued this statement earlier today: "The Board of Eidos is pleased to announce that the Court sanctioned the Scheme at the Court Hearing held today and that it also confirmed the associated Capital Reduction at that hearing."


"As previously announced, the Scheme is expected to become effective on 22 April 2009 following the delivery of the Court Order to the Registrar of Companies and the registration by him of such Court Order."

The London Stock Exchange suspended trading Eidos shares. On April 23, the Stock Exchange will cancel trading Eidos shares. The takeover will bring not only Tomb Raider, but also Deus Ex and Hitman into Square Enix's franchise portfolio.

Court sanctions Square's Eidos takeover [CVG]

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"The takeover will bring not only Tomb Raider, but also Deus Ex and Himan into Square Enix's franchise portfolio."

Himan sounds like a fun game, if a little perverse.