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Tomb Raider? Tomb Raid-er? Womb Raider?

This Tomb Raider entry isn't funny, but punny. Reader Aaron writes, "If Eidos ever runs out of money, this one might become a reality!" Here's what's going on: Create Tomb Raider boxart for an imaginary Tomb Raider game. Send entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. Contest ends Friday at midnight Kotaku time. Oh! A couple of things for people who are planning to enter: Make sure you put "Tomb Raider Contest" in the subject line. If you drew your entry, tell us. Also, attach the image as a JPG at 800 pixels in width (not so picky at height). Any entries received after this is posted that don't follow this guideline will be disregarded. Two more entries after the jump. One from Slashgibber and the other from Trash.

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