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Tom And Jerry MMO To Revolutionize Cat VS Mouse PVP

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In the cartoon world, there is no conflict more storied or epic than the struggle between cat and mouse. Soon you will live that story. The Tom and Jerry MMO is coming.

It sounds like an idea that a bunch of game journalists would come up with late night at a major trade show after too many drinks, but apparently this is real. Announced today by TurnOut Ventures Limited, which is a joint venture between Turner Entertainment Holdings Asia Pacific Limited and Outblaze Investments Limited, the Tom and Jerry massively multiplayer game is indeed a real thing. It's being developed by Typhoon Games, the developers behind Hello Kitty Online, so they do have some experience in the online cat cartoon game field.


The game will feature customizeable cat and mouse avatars in a whacky cartoon world, allowing players to team up to fight against AI opponents or face off against each other in heated cat and mouse player-versus-player combat. I cannot even begin to image how that would work, but I suspect game-wide shouts of "TRAIN TO DOG HOUSE! MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!"

The game is due for a 2010 release in China, with a U.S. release possibile once we've all forgotten about this story and it becomes funny again.