Tokyo! In Coming!

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Ah, Sore Throat Time You know what I have to say about that: Vitamin C. Preferably of the Flintstone variety. McWhertor left this afternoon for Tokyo, arriving a bit early to prep for our arrival in Japan and upcoming coverage of the Tokyo Game Show. With Mike winging his way over the Pacific and Stuart on vacation, things have been a wee bit hectic around Kotaku Tower today. Never mind that I've yet to pack and still need to round up all of those mini-Harrisons. I've found eight of them so far, but I can't find the last two. Last I saw them they were chasing bats around in the belfry. Any suggestions? What you missed: Bloomberg: New DS, Wii Accessories Coming Soon How Fallout 3 Is Different Than Oblivion Hands On With the iPhone's First Fantasy Action Game Hudson Brings Fish, Marbles, Bombs to Tokyo Game Show Blizzard Awarded $6 Million In Glider Bot Battle GameStop Employees Nabbed In Stolen Game Sting New Wii, New DS, New Accessories? What do you think Nintendo Will Announce Tonight Frankenreview: Silent Hill: Homecoming Pure Review: Pure Fun It's Official MGS4 Producer Now Working on Halo

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I wonder why Nintendo isn't waiting until TGS to reveal whatever they're revealing tonight, considering it's so close. That is, if it's not a "we're doing incredibly awesome - look at our sales NAO" conference that's tonight.