Toki Tori Ducks You Up

Two Tribes have released the first gameplay video of their upcoming WiiWare title, Toki Tori, a remake of their highly entertaining Gameboy Color game of the same name, that combines puzzles and platforming into a unique and utterly charming experience. The WiiWare version is looking great, with an excellent old-school arcade look and feel that I can't wait to get my dirty little wings on.

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@Mansteak: Well, isn't talk about Nintendo's shortcomings a good thing? I'm sure Nintendo has someone reading Kotaku, IGN, GameFAQs message boards, and eventually they will get the picture and release a new storage form (SD or HDD). Yes I'm aware they've hinted at something to be announced for E3, but that remains to be seen. Nintendo's "big announcements" are often anything but.

I mean, I'm almost out of space on my Wii... and I don't like the idea of pointlessly backing up games on an SD when I can't play them, or deleting saves, or re-downloading files. I want everything I own instantly available, and we have the technology, so make it happen Nintendo! My wristwatch shouldn't have more ram than my wii has storage.