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Today's Nutty EA and Wii U Rumor!

From a Nintendo fan site and, ungh, apparently an EA intern via an EA network engineer (still with me?), the rumor states that Nintendo is in talks to make EA's Origin the Wii U's digital distribution service. [GamerInformer]


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The Logic and Rationale Police

Why are people so shocked by this?

EA has been going over to Nintendo to see about its online for Wii-U since day one.

Also why would people complain? Nintendo has been getting alot of criticism for its online, so it asks an outside company that knows about it for help. Wasn't this a complaint, weren't people down on Nintendo for being too traditional and not seeking outside help for its online?

So Nintendo finally decides to do something about it and gets help from someone who knows their stuff and could get (potentially) good online, and yet people still moan.

This is just beyond bizarre, and for anyone thinking it should be Valve, they should consider that Nintendo does not have a working relationship with them, but they have a long and varied history with EA.