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Today Is Terrible, So Let's Distract Ourselves By Watching People Play Video Games Really Fast

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If you’re feeling miserable after a week full of horrifying news, you’re not alone. Why not distract yourself a little by watching people play video games?


The Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon has been going on since Sunday, and it’s been a lot of fun to watch. The quality of both play and commentary has been consistently great, and I imagine that’ll continue throughout today (as we enter the big Mario and Mega Man blocks) and tomorrow (thanks to TASbot, FFVI, and Super Metroid). Just stay away from Twitch chat.

You can catch up on old runs via GDQ’s YouTube channel, or watch the marathon live right here:

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Classic example of our failed educational system

I understand the sentiment, but I would argue that distracting ourselves and ignoring the underlying social issues that led to the last few days is what got us here in the first place. People keep dying and we mourn for a few days then move on with our lives until it happens again. Its becoming so prevalent that we are more likely to be distracted by another senseless killing before the previous one has even been relegated to page 2 news.