Really, every day should be Suikoden day, but this is the actual one.

Allow me to explain: the wonderful Suikoden Revival Movement, a group dedicated to trying to revive Konami's equally-wonderful RPG series, has declared today "Suikoden Day"—a festive occasion created to celebrate all things Suikoden.

Fans are posting all sorts of neat stuff on the official Facebook page: cosplay, memories, screenshots, and so forth.


Even Konami is getting in on the fun, and it's nice to see their UK branch acknowledging that Suikoden fans still exist, although they have yet to do anything that those fans have requested, like release Suikoden II on the PlayStation Network, bring Suikoden PSP outside of Japan, announce any new Suikoden games, or really show any indication that they care about the series at all.

But today is for celebration, not whining. So go ahead and post some of your favorite Suikoden moments or memories in the comments. (Or, if you're wondering what all the fuss is about, the original game is only $6 on PSN.) Happy Suikoden Day!