To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Destination PlayStation

While walking from my car to my apartment building I dropped my car keys in the one and singular place in the entire parking lot that was occupied by a still warm dog turd. Yeah.

Pretty sure I have never ever heard of anyone dropping keys in dog poop. Maybe, just maybe, in the entire history of the universe, no one has ever done it. Who knows.

I was coming back from filing my Japanese tax returns. Very glad I got that out of the way! Have you started doing your taxes yet?!


Also read this review of Arcade Mania from UK newspaper The Observer. It's a couple weeks only and was only in their print edition — can't seem to find it online. Kinda neat to have something exist in print only these days with everything going on the internets.

And yes, I washed off the pooh keys. Several times. It was horrible.

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