Remember those gourmet baked Kit Kats? The ones available at the world's only Kit Kat boutique? Well, you can do that at home. You always could!

Above you can see "Delicious When Baked Pudding Flavored Kit Kats," which are going on sale in Japan later this month.

Besides the flavor, the difference between these Kit Kats and regular chocolate ones appears to be the packaging: it shows baked Kit Kats, an image of a toaster, and phrases like "A New Taste Sensation" and "Delicious Toasted." So, yeah, these are just pudding-flavored Kit Kats.

There are also instructions on how to toast the Kit Kats. Like? Like don't put your Kit Kats in an aluminum cup.

But, there are also more important instructions, such as using chilled Kit Kats so it's easier for them to bake and keep their shape as they toast for about two, two and a half minutes (preferably in a 1000w toaster).


And yes, in case you are wondering, you can also toast chocolate Kit Kats. Here is an instructional video:

Courtesy of site Gigazine, here are photos of toasted Kit Kats:

They look delicious! But, as Gigazine notes, if you toast the Kit Kats too long, the oil in the chocolate causes the treat to go up in flames. Like this:

So, Gigazine recommends that those who purchase the baked Kit Kats not to take their eyes off the toast—so they don't bake their whole house.

トースターで焼いて食べるキットカットが発売、実際に焼いてみたらクレームブリュレ風味になりました [Gigazine]

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