Toad's Performance Of 'Shallow' Should Win A Grammy

Noted vocalist Toad has finally released his long-awaited version of “Shallow,” the Oscar-winning duet from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and it is truly the height of vocal performance. If you’ve already written a piece about the top songs of the decade, talk about bad timing!


Toad, of course, is a big Gaga fan himself, having apparently attended a concert of hers last year:

Toad’s musical range is unparalleled. You may remember his breathtaking rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier” from last year.


(In reality, these are all the hilarious creations of melancholiaa, who is quite a good singer when she’s not blowing out her vocal cords for laughs.)

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OMG that Chandelier! I played it and everyone in my office just gave a collective WTF are you watching look at me, totally worth it LOL.