Titanfall's latest update will add a new mode that gives players the option of fighting without those pesky giant robots getting in the way.

The new mode, called Pilot Skirmish, will be included in the game's sixth major update, as detailed at the official Titanfall site. It'll be an 8 vs. 8 shootout with no titans and no AI bots, which increases the player count by four (a standard Titanfall match is 6 vs 6).


Titanfall has generally been defined by, well, the titans. However, the more people have played, the clearer it's become that the real action is on the ground. Pilot Skirmish seems like a good option for players who want to try it; playing as a free-running pilot is super fun, and it'll be interesting to see how titan-free matches play out. My guess: More or less like a jacked-up, wall-running Call of Duty.

You can read the rest of the additions—Marked For Death is becoming a permanent game mode, hooray—over at the Titanfall site.