Tips For Playing Dragon Quest XI

It’s understandable if Dragon Quest XI is your first Dragon Quest—there hasn’t been a new single-player home console entry in the series since 2004. It’s equally understandable if the ocean of old-fashioned menus and battle mechanics crammed into this 100-hour game terrifies you. Well, I’ve been loving Dragon Quest for 30 years. I’m here with a video full of 11 tips

That’s one tip for every 2.727 years!

For example, you can pretty easily build a party of four dual-wielding physical attackers in order to maximize the odds of defeating Dragon Quest’s notoriously slippery, infamously experience-pointy Metal Slimes super-early in the game. Two of your characters (Jade and Rab) are able to equip claws from the moment you meet them, meaning they can hit twice per round instead of once. Unlock the “dual-wielding” skills for the hero and Erik, and that’s eight attacks per turn. More attacks is better, because Metal Slimes tend to dodge one in three attacks. They only have four hit points, and you can only give one damage at a time, so you definitely want to game those odds.


I’ve got ten more tips like that—because only 11 would be enough for Dragon Quest XI, of course.

Maybe this is the only tip you need, though: just chill with it. I played Dragon Quest XI over the course of a year, about a half an hour at a time, after taking a shower and before going to bed. I have played many Dragon Quest games this way, and I’ll keep playing them this way. They’re bedtime stories.


Hey, that’s how I described the game in my review!

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I’m about two hours in to the PC version, and loving every minute. Thus far, it plays like VIII, but a version of VIII that learned a couple of things over the last fourteen years. is familiar, yet just different enough to say, “Hey, cool, they’re trying a couple of new things!”

On an unrelated note, I continue to be confused by people who shower just before going to bed. Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to sweat in my sleep, and I wake up with mussed hair; a shower first thing in the morning may cost me the extra ten minutes or so I’d spend denying the morning light with all my will, but it means I can approach the workday freshly scrubbed.

That’s not really meant to be a criticism, either; everyone has their own way of doing things, and that’s fine--it just strikes me as odd, likely because I grew up showering in the morning.