Tips For Battlefield V's Updated Multiplayer

Battlefield V takes it all back to World War II, where the series started. There’s a lot of depth for players to dive into, but some of it might be easy to overlook. So I made a video with five helpful tips for Battlefield V that you can see in action or read about below.

  1. A new fortification-building mechanic lets you play more effective defense by letting you add sandbag walls to provide cover from enemy fire, Czech hedgehogs to stop vehicles, and even barbed wire to slow down infantry. You can also build ammo and health stations.
  2. Specializations now extend to your weapons and vehicles. By sticking with a specific weapon, you can earn higher ranks with it, unlocking abilities like reduced recoil and quicker aiming speeds. So if you find a weapon you like, it’s worth sticking with it for a while.
  3. Assignments are an easy way to rack up in-game currency to spend on specializations and items. There are also daily orders you can complete for quick cash.
  4. Healing requires a bit more awareness now. Instead of magically being healed by a nearby health crate, you need to actively use health kits found in capture points or on medics in the field. Ammo works the same way, so make sure you hit the local ammo deposit before rushing off to a firefight.
  5. Spotting now works differently, too. For recon-class players, using a scope allows you to highlight enemy players for your team to see. Otherwise, you have to lay down some suppressive fire for enemy players to be highlighted temporarily. You can place a marker on the ground, but gone are the days of a flock of red triangles for you to aim at. But it’s still helpful to give your teammates the heads up when a certain area gets spicy.

As always, play the objective and help out where you can. I’ll see you out there.

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