Tiny Thief Is The Grandest Larceny Of Them All

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There may be no cars to swipe, and at no point was this a dark project, but 5 Ants' Tiny Thief is as capable a criminal as they come, ready to steal the hearts of adventure fans everywhere while they pay for the privilege.

The second game published under the Rovio Stars indie program, Tiny Thief is a unique combination of old school point-and-click adventure and stealth action. Players must guide the eponymous bandit through a series of six increasingly complicated adventures, each split into five stages with multiple goals.

For instance, in the level depicted above, the thief is tasked with stealing the cake from the bakery window. First he steals the pie from the windowsill, hiding in the crate to the left as the angry baker storms out of the shop. When the cook stops looking, our tiny hero slips over to the house across the way, puts the pie in the window, and then knocks on the door. A child comes out and starts eating. The thief returns to the left, takes the replenished pie, and ducks into the crate. The angry baker comes out, catches the boy eating, and rushes over to scold him — leaving the door open so Tiny can take the cake.


That's one, two more to go.

These are adventures of the classic point-and-click variety, cut into bite-sized chunks for easy mobile digestion. It's a distilled experience, challenging the mind and wits in small bursts.

Illustration for article titled emTiny Thief/em Is The Grandest Larceny Of Them All

There's a bit of an over-arching story, but nothing too deep. You're a Robin Hood type, stealing from the rich and probably giving to the poor — it's all a bit vague, which is probably for the best. You're wanted by the law, your image is plastered all over the kingdom, and your only true friend is a ferret. We've all had days like that.

Between this utterly charming stealth adventure and Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, I'm really digging the games Rovio is choosing to showcase with their Stars program. Perhaps these wonderful, unique experiences can convince the more discerning mobile gamer that the company is good for more than cranking out endless Angry Birds variants.


Tiny Thief

Genre: Puzzle Adventure

Developer: 5 Ants

Platform: iOS, Android

App Size: 50MB

Price: $2.99

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The art and look of mobile games is starting to impress me more than what we see these days in AAA titles. This looks like a lot of fun, I can give up $3 for it, even if it's not amazing it looks nice.