Nothing says “ready for action” like a grappling hook and a fine head of plastic hair. Nendoroid Nathan Drake: Adventure Edition has both.

Good Smile Company is now accepting preorders for this big-headed version of Uncharted’s hero, who also sports a machine gun, a pistol, and a clear plastic stand that’s perfect for high-energy poses.


He’s smiling because he’s going on the shelf with Hatsune Miku.

Adventure Edition Nathan Drake also sports a pair of interchangeable faces. One is the determined, tooth-flashing grin seen above. The other is a much more subdued visage, for when Drake has to play it cool. Maybe just throw that one out.

Like most Nendoroids, Nathan Drake’s asking price is in the $50 range. Might seem a bit steep for a four-inch figure, but you don’t get this much articulation (not to mention overall quality) in most four-inch figures.


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