Timesplitters Is Coming Back

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Classic shooter series Timesplitters, which hasn’t seen a new release since 2005, will be coming back after publisher Deep Silver announced the creation of a new (well, kinda new) development studio dedicated to working on the series.


It’s not an entirely new studio, though. Deep Silver is “reforming” original developers Free Radical Design, who shut down in 2014, and will have series veterans Steve Ellis and David Doak in charge.

This is very cool! Timesplitters’ wacky, time-travelling focus made it a pretty unique game among other more drab, realistic shooters of its era, and the series has been sadly missed by fans for nearly two decades, especially after the on-again-off-again saga of Timesplitters 4.

Whatever this new Timesplitters game ends up being or even looking like, we’re years away from getting to play it. The statement above says, “development on a new game has not yet started,” so this is merely an announcement of the studio’s formation and overall goal, not a traditional, “Here’s a teaser trailer and some brief details,” game reveal.



gina molinari

I’ll believe it when I see it.

For real though if this does pan out it’ll be fascinating to see if they lean more towards sticking to the Rareware FPS mould (no jumping, objective-based level structure) or reinventing it with modern sensibilities. Gotta strike a delicate balance between the two; too orthodox and it’ll feel clunky and dated, too divergent and it won’t be what people want and expect from Timesplitters. Future Perfect was already pushing it imo.