Times Square Toys"R"Us Gets Redundant Nintendo Store

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Despite the fact that the Nintendo World Store is just down the street, Nintendo has announced that the flagship Toys"R"US store in Times Square is now host to a dedicated Nintendo department.


The new Nintendo despartment is located on the first floor of what some consider "The World's Greatest Toy Store". It features an interactive Wii wall where shoppers can try out the latest Wii games, eight Nintendo DS systems, and a Nintendo gallery that showcases images from Nintendo's long and storied history. The department is staffed by specially trained Nintendo experts in Nintendo-branded uniforms.

Of course most of these features are in some form available right down the street at the Nintendo World Store, but I suppose redundency never hurt anyone. I just can't fathom why they'd open up the ultimate Nintendo retail location a few blocks away from the ultimate Nintendo retail location. Spread the love a little, Nintendo!


Dedicated Nintendo Department Opens at Toys“R”Us Times Square

‘Store Within a Store’ is Newest Attraction at The World’s Greatest Toy Store

REDMOND, Wash.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Holiday shoppers visiting Toys“R”Us Times Square will find a new surprise waiting for them—a new Nintendo department offering an interactive way to have fun, while experiencing the wide range of Nintendo products available this holiday season and beyond.

The Nintendo department, located on Level One of the Toys“R”Us international flagship store, is nearly 1,000 square feet and is easily visible from the store’s windows overlooking Broadway. Visitors to The World’s Greatest Toy Store™ will find an interactive Wii™ wall within the department, offering shoppers the chance to play select Wii games. Additionally, shoppers interested in sampling a portable experience can play one of eight Nintendo DS™ systems with a variety of games. The department also features a Nintendo gallery, showcasing images from Nintendo’s history of classic and current games.

The Nintendo department also features specially trained Nintendo experts who can walk shoppers through the department’s experience and provide information about Nintendo products. Shoppers can easily identify these experts by their special Nintendo-branded uniforms.


“What we’ve been seeing all year long is the expansion of video game fun to people of both genders, and all ages and tastes—there’s literally something for everyone,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “But in recent weeks, Nintendo products appear to be appealing to even more people, as every form of fun is being measured against a price tag. And that’s what makes this experience in Toys“R”Us so compelling—all the fun and information is available right at your fingertips.”

“Toys“R”Us Times Square is the premier New York City destination for families, and Nintendo offers the ultimate family gaming experience, making a partnership between our two brands the perfect match,” said Bill Lee, Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Toys“R”Us, U.S. “The new, dedicated Nintendo department at Toys“R”Us Times Square allows us to offer customers an exceptional interactive experience for testing out the latest Nintendo products.”


In addition to the new, experiential Nintendo department, shoppers can also find the full range of Nintendo products in the “R” Zone department on the store’s Lower Level.

For more information about Nintendo, visit www.Nintendo.com.

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Stephen Totilo

I can see this place from my desk — sort of. It's 29 floors down and across the street. Muuuuch closer than the Nintendo World Store. Which I can't see from my desk.