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Time's Running Out

To: Luke
From: Crecente

I just came to a horrible realization: I'm going on vacation in less than two weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my wife and son and I love traveling. So I'm very much looking forward to our trip to Australia. We'll be staying with Trish's parents in the Blue Mountains.


But I just, I mean JUST, finished the last game I needed to complete for reviewing and was, in the back of my head, thinking about settling down into a long winter of great gaming. But now, now that my necessary gaming has wrapped up, I'll be heading to a console free home. So no gaming for me until January.

I supposed the surfing, hiking and a balmy Christmas will have to make up for it.


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I'd easily trade all the winter gaming I'll be doing for a month vacationing in Australia.