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With his likeness plastered all over Beaterator, rapper and producer Timbaland is definitely serious about the PSP title - serious enough to use it on tracks from his upcoming album Shock Value 2.


Rockstar's Beaterator isn't some corny-ass game. It's a four-year labor of love for Timbaland, pouring his heart, soul, and exclusive beats into the music creator. Speaking with Invasion Radio, the artist reveals that his upcoming album will feature beats from the game on a couple of tracks. "Oh yeah, I made a couple from that...I had to," he explains, after bragging a bit about the capabilities of the title. He also used the game in the production of Jay-Z's recent ‘Blueprint 3′ album.

I went and purchased Beaterator, but so far haven't had much luck in producing anything outside of the most basic sounds imaginable. Perhaps I just don't have it in me, or perhaps my bathroom simply isn't conducive to creating works of musical genius.

Timbaland Using ‘Beaterator' For New Album Shock Value 2 [The Koalition]

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