To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: R.I.P.

Hello! I have returned from America. Finally!

Sorry to hear about the dog's passing. I don't have any pets now, but had dogs as a kid. Remember when we had to put them to sleep, because they were very sick and in pain. It was quite sad.

Long, long flight. Micro-Bash had a rough time, which means that I and Mrs. Bashcraft had a rough time — as did all the passengers in our cabin. Sorry passengers!

Stepped off the American Airlines plane in Tokyo, groggy as hell, and met a nice Kotaku reader named Ryan who said he knows Tim Rogers. Every single person I meet in Tokyo knows Tim Rogers. He's Tokyo's equivalent of the Kevin Bacon game!

Then had a short JAL flight to Osaka. The differences between flying JAL and American Airlines? SUBSTANTIAL. Here's a small example: On the American Airlines flight, we ran out of baby diapers (told you it was a rough time), so I asked the flight attendants if they had any to give out. Nope! They used to, but not anymore. Diapers cost money, I guess, and the airline seems to be cutting costs everywhere. I ended up asking another passenger with kids if I could have a couple diapers.


They did have diapers on the JAL flight, also toys for the kids, children's books to read, baby blankets and even a baby bed. I think people are willing to pay a little more for the frills, no?

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