Tiger Woods Xbox Game, Broken Hand Converts Boxer To Golfer

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The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports that an amateur boxer has become a promising golfer, and he owes some of that to a Tiger Woods' video game. Usually, stories about people getting inspired by video games aren't this... positive.

The newspaper tells the story of Joshua Anglin, who went 115-15 as an amateur boxer, but broke his hand five times. Boxing was not going to work out. Playing an unspecified version of Tiger Woods on an unspecified model of the Xbox, Anglin decided to trot down a new athletic avenue.

From the paper:

"I was a boxer my whole life," Anglin said. "I got hurt and played Tiger Woods golf one day on Xbox and thought it would be really fun. So I went out and played [on an actual course] and kind of got good at it quick."

So good, in fact, that Anglin recently placed fifth in the annual Broward County Amateur Men's Golf Tournament at Jacaranda Golf Club in Plantation. His three-day 221 (74-72-75) was just four shots off the pace set by Fort Lauderdale's Jeffrey Walker.


So, perhaps, games do inspire imitation in real life? Sometimes?

Video Challenge Is Game Changer [Sun Sentinel]
Note to readers: The Jan. 3 Sentinel article does not appear to be on the newspaper's site yet.

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