Shinboku-con 2011 was held in Westlake, Ohio over the weekend, and was a festival aimed at showcasing and celebrating anime and video games. Maybe they should add pugilism to the bill.

At 7:15pm on April 30, two men (both attendees at the show) were arrested after getting into a disagreement over how one of the pair was "playing a video game". This disagreement spilled over when one of the men punched the other in the mouth. Charged with assault and arrested by local police, the other guy was then also arrested after spitting on one of the cops.


And the third arrest? It came later that night, when one of the earlier pair's younger brothers was picked up for damaging hotel property at the Holiday Inn all three had been staying in for the convention. This younger sibling and a friend - both 18 - were also nabbed for underage consumption of alcohol.

Police Blotter: Man Spits on Officer at Video Game Convention [Westlake Patch, via Game Politics]

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