Three Guys Made Six Games In Six Months And They're Surprisingly Fun

Retro Game Crunch was a pretty crazy Kickstarter idea: Three developers would take votes on a theme every month and make a game based on the theme. Despite the rushed timeline, the results are quite fun.


Rusty Moyher, Shaun Inman, and Matt Grimm teamed up for Ludum Dare to make a game in 72 hours. Somehow at the end of that game jam, instead of being exhausted, they enjoyed the pressure so much that they based an entire project around the idea. They started the Retro Game Crunch Kickstarter and fielded suggestions from backers every month. When a theme was chosen, they did another 72 hour rush to come up with a prototype, then spent a month polishing it up.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but the results range from adorable to challenging. Check out the video above to see a few of the games in action. You can pick up the bundle for yourself here.

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