Three Companies Eye Midway For Buy Out

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With Midway in the middle of troublesome bankruptcy proceedings and rumors of the Mortal Kombat dev team leaving, it's a little surprising to learn that not one, but three companies are considering buying the company.


According to our sources, Warner Brothers, Ubisoft and a private Chicago investor are all looking over the company for possible acquisition.

We're told that Ubisoft has been in talks with Midway for weeks now and that a vice president for Warner Bros. was visiting the studio just last week.

Reached for comment this morning, a Midway rep said the company does not comment on rumors or speculation.

If our sources are correct, then Warner Bros. is the most likely candidate for a possible purchase.



I would really hate to see the Ubisoft logo on the next MK game.

Id actually rather see Activision purchase midway or the MK franchise.