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Three Colors Combine to Form the Finest Sheep Shooter Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Red, green and blue — these are the primary colors, which can be mixed together in varying amounts to create every color of the visible spectrum. I learned this in my grade school art program. At the time I was convinced the teacher made it up to cover for the fact that they only had enough money in the budget for three colors of bulk paint. What good is mixing colors when you can just buy a box of assorted pre-rendered crayons, markers or paints?

Trinket Studios' Color Sheep is total justification for years spent learning how to mix the primary colors.


You have a sheep. The wolves want your sheep. You have to inject your sheep with the correct color combinations so the laser shooting from its mouth corresponds with the color of the wolves trying to eat it, just like in nature.

At first this task is laughably simple. "Ha ha!" you will exclaim. "Light red sheep? Why, I just press the light button and the red button. Ha!" You say "Ha!" a lot. I'm not judging.


But then the mixing begins. Light red and green make yellow. Light blue and red make a purplish-pink. Light blue and green make teal. "ha!" you say, still confident but losing the capitalization of your laugh.

Grey is dark plus all three colors. White is light plus all three colors. Orange is light red plus dark green. Where's your "Ha!" now?

I've not had this much fun mixing colors since — I've never had this much fun mixing colors.


"Ha!" Oh, there it is.

Color Sheep

  • Genre: Shooter? Color wheel? Sheep?
  • Developer: Trinket Studios
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: $.99

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