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Three Casual Gran Turismo 6 Questions, Answered Casually

Illustration for article titled Three Casual emGran Turismo 6/em Questions, Answered Casually

You may love Gran Turismo. I don't play them. Just not my thing. But when I see Gran Turismo 6 running in the corner of a Sony PlayStation event in Santa Monica, I ask the only GT-related questions I can think of.

  • Are you guys rendering the bottoms of cars in greater detail? I ask this of the GT6 producer there, apologizing if that's the rudest question ever. Look, all I know is that, as amazing as the tops of cars look in GT games, the underside of some cars in GT5 were not so fancy. Answer: The gentlemanly producer at this event tells me that the GT dev team at Polyphony Digital has been getting their cameras under cars more than ever for this game. He says they don't like making stuff up. They don't want to guess what a car looks like underneath. They want to get it right. Cool! (And, yes, readers, I know, that what the bottoms of cars look like in GT6 is possibly the least-relevant thing to making a Gran Turismo awesome. I'm sure the producer was thinking that too but was too classy to point that out.)

The demo version of the game is the one shown in Europe earlier this week. Just one track. Silverstone. Here's a photo from that event:

Illustration for article titled Three Casual emGran Turismo 6/em Questions, Answered Casually
  • And here's the most casual-fan GT6 question I could have asked: What are you doing with car damage in this one? (You know, because Gran Turismo used to not have it, whereas you can smash cars up in rival series.) Answer: The rather pleasant producer tells me that it'll be similar to GT5. Polyphony isn't about smashing cars up. They like when people see the beauty of beautiful cars. They'd added some car damage effects in the previous game because people asked.

The gap between Gran Turismo 4 and 5 was infamously wide. 2004/5-2010. The gap between 5 and 6, which is coming out at the end of this year, is narrower.

  • Why is the gap between GT games narrower this time? Did Polyphony change their process? Answer: The kind producer tells me... yes. Polyphony will release a good game, but they'll also now add a lot more to it post-release instead of adding and adding before release which used to result in delaying and delaying.

Sound good Gran Turismo, fans?

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The only thing I want to know about this game is how many cars will be "Standard" vs "Premium." If the overwhelming majority of the cars are going to be PS2 models again, then forget it. Not interested. I wouldn't even care if they didn't do detailed interior views on the cars, but the exterior of most of the cars looking like PS2 models vs the 200 or so that actually look like they belong in a PS3 just doesn't work. If they don't significantly up the amount of cars that have exterior models worthy of a PS3 game, I just don't see many GT5 owners "upgrading" to GT6.