Three Avatar Game Screens

James Cameron's Avatar has been a long time in the making. His goal has been a "fully immersive" flick. To bring the game version to life, Cameron said he carefully chose his partner, Ubisoft.


In the Ubisoft press conference, Cameron said he knew that he found a worthy partner in Ubisoft — "I didn't want anything associated with the movie to suck." The game, Cameron conceded, should not be a slave to the movie. New characters, new weapons and new stories were created for the game.

Ubisoft had access to all the film assets during the game's lengthy development process. While most movie games are rushed out to meet a short film production schedule, the Avatar game had a production development timeline. Some of Ubisoft game designs were even incorporated into the movie.

As Cameron pointed out in the Ubisoft presser, players can even choose sides ("good guys" or "bad guys") during the game, which is based on the film's universe, but still movie-spoiler free.


Avatar is the first major stereoscopic 3-D title.

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