Throughout the years, China Joy has been labeled various names by both the foreign and Chinese press. Some have called it a show about busts, others have called it a giant sea of people. Personally, I call China Joy fun!

Now, bear with me, China Joy isn't exactly fun. There isn't a lot of news for about games, there aren't any spectacular celebrity or game industry panels. There aren't too many games to play and if there are, the lines are atrociously long. So what makes China Joy fun? The answer is the people.


Many of the booth girls are incredibly fun people, even if they're more often than not just ridiculously bored. The fans, they're super excited and always quick to see what's new. The members of the press are also very nice, and they'll help you out with a source or a story.

So this year, instead of doing what everyone else is doing with their China Joy coverage (focusing on the women), I chose to do something completely different. Self serving and ego stroking, but definitely different. I went through China Joy taking various pictures of myself, some by myself, others with the help of others. Here's your tour of China Joy through my ridiculous selfies.

Note: Not all the photos are selfies. And that's okay.

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Eric is a Beijing based writer and all around FAT man. You can contact him or follow him on Twitter @FatAsianTechie