Thorough Chrono Trigger Speedrun Is Impressive As Hell

You may have missed the Chrono Trigger speedrun at Summer Games Done Quick, mostly because it took place on a late Saturday night and we all have better things to do on late Saturday nights, like play Chrono Trigger.


If you did miss the run—which ran five hours and capped off the SGDQ marathon—you can catch up above. It’s really fun, zipping through the classic time travel RPG with clever use of shortcuts, glitches, and random number generator (RNG) manipulation. (By performing actions in a certain order, a speedrunner can get AI enemies to behave in specific ways thanks to how the engine randomizes computer choices.)

Some of the tricks are insanely intricate, like the “fadeout glitch,” (19:00) which runners EssentiaFour and puwexil use to both skip cutscenes and convince the game to let them save anywhere. They’ve also figured out how to skip a bunch of major fights, like Yakra in the Cathedral. Yet they still take the time to beat every sidequest—this is a 100% run, after all. Would you expect anything less?


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While I don’t necessarily “enjoy” watching speed runs normally, SGDQ is hella fun to watch because they provide pretty decent explanations for how the glitches work, which in turn gives you an interesting look at how video games themselves work. It was fun to see all the tricks in this run, even if watching the glitches themselves wasn’t all that entertaining. And seeing them predict through RNG manipulation how each turn of most boss battles would turn out was impressive.

I sat through all five hours of this run and I didn’t regret it for a moment. I was actually a bit disappointed when it was over.