This Zelda Map Will Get You Drunk

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It's one of the greatest games ever made. Playing it is a rite of passage for millions. It's a game that becomes increasingly difficult the longer you play it. That's right, I'm talking about beer pong—make that, Beer Pong.


The River Falls Pong Table Company created this custom beer pong table that displays The Legend of Zelda's world map. As website The Drunken Moogle pointed out, the table is eight feet long by three feet wide, and it is covered in a special laquer to protect the 128 screens worth of Zelda images from beer and, perhaps, barf.

This isn't the first beer pong table Kotaku has posted. Previously, there was a Super Mario one. I sure hope this isn't the last.

The Zelda Beer Pong [The Drunken Moogle]



I had to look up what rite of passage means :(