This Will Be A Limited Edition BMO Steelbook, With A Game Inside

Yes, BMO — I would like to an Adventure Time video game, but only if it's stuffed inside a metal representation of your perfect form, like the 3DS collector's edition of Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!

The console versions of D3Publisher's next big Adventure Time game are missing more than online multiplayer. They also won't be seeing the Collector's Edition. It's a 3DS exclusive. Take that, sitting near a television!


The special 3DS version features a DVD filled with actor interviews and storyboard art from series creator Pendleton Ward, a full-color manual called the Finn And Jake Survival Guide, and the game too, I guess.

But who cares what's in the box. It's the box that matters. Full Metal BMO, capable of delivering powerful blows to the head and torso. I'm in.

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