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This Wii Title Has Been In Development For Over 3 Years

Illustration for article titled This Wii Title Has Been In Development For Over 3 Years

Zangeki no REGINLEIV, the upcoming Wii action game from Japanese studio Sandlot, will be out on February 11. The game has been development for years.


In an recent round table discussion with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Sandlot's Takehiro Honma said, "Because the project got the OK sometime between summer and fall 2006, development has been over three years."

To which Iwata replied, "The Wii hadn't even gone on sale." That's correct, Nintendo president! The Wii would not go on sale in Japan until December 2006.


Sandlot is best known for their Earth Defense Force series of games. That, and taking a long time to make their Wii game.

社長が訊く『斬撃のREGINLEIV』 [Nintendo via はちま起稿]

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I think this title roughly translates into "The Reginleiv of Destruction," and I might assume that Reginleiv is some very bad German-Japanese-English translation of a medieval blade weapons. Either way, I can't wait to play this game as the main character, Felschaltenfkautirmwrxk! And her trusty companion, Krtlkdrnszpltltpl.