When we last left our intrepid iPhone gaming app charts, Tumblr had stolen my powers of tracking, leaving me to resort to an image-based solution. This week the rankings are back, which is why it took me so long to get them up. How about that Wreck-It Ralph?

The computer animated sensation that's sweeping the nation makes its mark on the iPhone charts this week, which makes the fact that there is no way in heck I can make it to a theater to see Wreck-It Ralph any time soon all the more frustrating. Perhaps my children will grow out of their biting each other phase and slip into the sitting quietly portion of development before it's out of the theaters.

Stop laughing, parents.

Top Paid iPhone Games - 11/6/2012


1. Wreck-It Ralph
Last Week's Position: N/A

He said he was going to wreck it, and here we are. Mobile gaming has made it possible for a licensed movie game to reach the top of the charts. Huzzah?

Wreck-It Ralph on iTunes


2. Bad Piggies
Last Week's Position: 1 (-1)
The power of a Disney flick pushes the piggies away...but there is another.

Bad Piggies on iTunes


3. Empires: World War
Last Week's Position: N/A
Another military strategy multiplayer game at the top of the iPhone charts. Typical.

Empires: World War on iTunes


4. Plague Inc.
Last Week's Position: 3 (-1)
Has the Plague Inc. fever finally broken?

Plague, Inc. on iTunes


5. Minecraft - Pocket Edition
Last Week's Position: 4 (-1)
Minecraft finally slips from the number four spot. It'll be back some day.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition on iTunes


6. Arms Cartel Global
Last Week's Position: 7 (+1)
A sign that the world is ready to trade real killing of total strangers for fake killing of total strangers.

Arms Cartel Global on iTunes


7. Need for Speed Most Wanted
Last Week's Position: N/A
Firemonkeys make one hell of a racing game, I tell you.

Need for Speed Most Wanted on iTunes


8. Angry Birds Space
Last Week's Position: N/A
Those space birds return to the charts, just in time for Angry Birds Star Wars to kill them all later this week.

Angry Birds Space on iTunes


9. Tetris
Last Week's Position: 8 (-1)
Tetris. The world will never stop playing it.

Tetris on iTunes


10. Fruit Ninja
Last Week's Position: 9 (-1)

Where Tetris goes, Fruit Ninja is never far behind. They are bound by honor. Bound by duty. Bound by staples.

Fruit Ninja on iTunes

Add the prices of all of those games together and it wouldn't amount to a fraction of the cost of this week's top free apps!


Think about it.

Top Free iPhone Games - 11/6/2012


1. Extreme Road Trip 2
Last Week's Position: N/A
There's just something about the release of a blockbuster theatrical film that gets the chart position jumping.

Extreme Road Trip 2 on iTunes


2. Fix-It Felix Jr.
Last Week's Position: 6 (+4)
There's just something about the release of a blockbuster theatrical film that gets the chart position jumping.

Fix-It Felix Jr. on iTunes


3. WordSearch Unlimited Free
Last Week's Position: N/A
Normally you only get limited word searches without paying. Not here, buddy boy.

WordSearch Unlimited Free on iTunes


4. Flow Free
Last Week's Position: 4 (0)
Flow Free is the Tetris of the free charts.

Flow Free on iTunes


5. Slendr
Last Week's Position: 1 (-4)

I love those Slen Doctors. Pocket Full of Kryptonite!

Slendr on iTunes


6. Bike Race Free
Last Week's Position: 9 (+3)

Bike Race Free pedals its way uphill!

Bike Race Free on iTunes


7. Castle Story
Last Week's Position: N/A

This is the story of a castle, that cried a river and drowned the whole world. No, that reference never gets old.

Castle Story on iTunes


8. Subway Surfers
Last Week's Position: 8 (0)

What's the difference between a subway and a train?

Subway Surfers on iTunes


9. Contract Killer 2
Last Week's Position: 3 (-6)

You folks are incredibly fickle when it comes to your contract killers.

Contract Killer 2 on iTunes


10. Garfield's Diner Hawaii HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

When the hell did Garfield get a diner?

Garfield's Diner Hawaii HD on iTunes

Ahhh, that's better. It feels great to get back into the whole charting thing, after last week's image-based slacking. Let's hope our servers are relocated to a flying fortress before the next storm hits.