This Week's iPhone Charts: Cheating is Charting

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The free iPhone word game 4 Pics 1 Word is pretty damn popular. So popular that an app that allows players to cheat in the game debuts this week at number six on the free iPhone game charts. Sheesh.


Mobile gaming is a wild and unruly frontier. One week you're the game that copied that other game and became more popular, the next there's a program from Cheat Master and Friends Word Cheats, LLC. on the charts, undermining your carefully-crafted free-to-pay structure by offering unlimited cheats as a $1.99 in-app purchase.


But hey, nice to see Major Magnet get a little chart loving, and a big shout-out to Impossible Pixel for living up to its name as the only game on the free charts that costs a dollar.

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I will never get people who decide to cheat in a game like that. I mean what is the point of even playing then if your just going to have the answers handed to you? The whole point of 4 pic 1 word is to figure out the word and if you get stuck post it to Facebook to have friends help out.

Its cheat apps the ruined words with friends for me. It was nice fun social game I would waste time with on my phone with Facebook friends and then everyone started cheating because all of a sudden they would go from simple 5 to 6 letter words in the beginning to busting out 12 and 13 letter ones and getting scores where you knew they were cheating.