We used to track the iPhone charts, back in the day. Each week we'd gather the pertinent data, update figures, calculate gains and losses—it got to be a tremendous hassle. Now we're bringing the charts back bigger, better and more of a hassle than ever before.

I am a glutton for punishment, so today marks the first in a series of weekly chart tracking entries. We'll start with iPhone, then do Android, Windows Phone and finally iPad on Friday, if I'm not dead by then.

Why do this? We spend plenty of time telling you folks which mobile games we like. These are the ones you guys like. It's kinda sad that I have to tell you what you like. Perhaps I am phrasing this wrong.

Oh look, Bad Piggies!

Top Paid iPhone Games - 10/16/2012


1. Bad Piggies
There's just something about an Angry Birds tie-in that devours mobile game charts whole.

Bad Piggies on iTunes


2. Slender-Man
Slender-Man, Slender-Man; does whatever a Slender can. Hides in trees, rips games off, makes Kirk Hamilton huff and scoff. Look out, here comes the Slender-Man.

Slender-Man on iTunes


3. Topia World Builder
A beautiful app that sees players crafting an entire planet with their fingertips, right down to the herds of tiny creatures roaming its surface. This is an app that really deserves to be here.

Topia World Builder on iTunes


4. Minecraft - Pocket Edition
Never heard of it.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition on iTunes


5. Plague Inc.
One of the few games on this list I have not played yet. Looks very red, which is the official color of plagues (plagues are red, viruses are green).

Plague, Inc. on iTunes


6. Pocket Climber
The other game on this list I haven't played. I'll go out on a limb and say it's like having a climber in your pocket.

Pocket Climber on iTunes


7. Angry Birds Space
There's just something about a Bad Piggies tie-in that devours mobile game charts whole.

Angry Birds Space on iTunes


8. Tetris

It's great to see these little-known indie titles get some recognition. Thanks, iTunes!

Tetris on iTunes


9. Wipeout

The game that never fails to disappoint fans of futuristic hover car racing.

Wipeout on iTunes


10. Fruit Ninja

It's the classics that keep us turning on our iPhones. Well, that and making calls.

Fruit Ninja on iTunes

Now that we've taken a look at the games people are paying for, let's see what those filthy freeloaders are playing.


Top Free iPhone Games - 10/16/2012

1. Gangnam's Style

Really? Number one? There's nothing in the list better than this? We should just stop here.


Gangnam's Style on iTunes

2. Fix-It Felix Jr.

Spreading Wreck-It Ralph hysteria across the nation and around the world, this is the game from the movie based on games.


Fix-It Felix Jr. on iTunes

3. Hungry Hungry Hippos

I completely approve of this.

Hungry Hungry Hippos on iTunes


4. Turtles, Huh?

I also approve of the use of purposefully lazy game names.

Turtles, Huh? on iTunes


5. Flow Free

Simple colors and challenging puzzles cannot lose. They're the Parker Lewis of the iPhone game world.


Flow Free on iTunes

6. Police Escape Free HD

Help the police escape from rampaging freedom in high definition, probably.

Police Escape Free HD on iTunes


7. NFL Pro 2013

Owen did not like this game, but no one listened. I bet they're all listening now.


NFL Pro 2013 on iTunes

8. The Simpsons Tapped Out


There's just something about an Angry Birds tie-in that... d'oh!

The Simpsons Tapped Out on iTunes


9. Paper Toss Friends

Nothing says friendship like tossing crumpled up pieces of paper.

Paper Toss Friends on iTunes


10. Bike Race Free

Bike free, as free as the wind blows.

Bike Race Free on iTunes

Come back next week for the addition of those nifty Last Week's Position numbers and several failed attempts at doing math.