Yes yes, Angry Birds Star Wars is great, everybody loves it, it kills everything it touches, whatever. Have you played LostWinds? The sequel is free right now. You should go grab it. Come back and read this later.

You're probably busy playing the game now, so I'll keep this week's spiel brief. Angry Birds Star Wars is not going anywhere, get used to it. This week's free game list only includes one game from last week's list. Know what that means? A whole lot of building new listings by hands. I used to write SQL programs, you'd think I could come up with a better way.

Oh well, games for the weekend, coming right up!

Top Paid iPad Games - 11/16/2012


1. Angry Birds Star Wars HD
Last Week's Position: 1 (0)

Welcome to week two of Star Wars Angry Birds dominance. Try the veal.

Angry Birds Star Wars HD on iTunes


2. Wreck-It Ralph
Last Week's Position: 2 (0)

Welcome to week two of Wreck-It Ralph semi-dominance. Seriously, the veal is awesome.

Wreck-It Ralph on iTunes


3. Bad Piggies
Last Week's Position: 3 (0)

Three weeks in the third spot for Bad Piggies HD. This means something. Something about the veal.

Bad Piggies on iTunes


4. Minecraft Pocket Edition
Last Week's Position: 5 (+1)

Finally a little movement. Thanks, Minecraft !

Minecraft Pocket Edition on iTunes


5. Flea Symphony
Last Week's Position: N/A

Just look at those Odd Gentlemen go!

Flea Symphony on iTunes


6. Where's My Water?
Last Week's Position: 7 (+1)

He just refuses to be flushed, doesn't he?

Where's My Water on iTunes


7. Flow Free Bridges
Last Week's Position: N/A

Welcome back to the iPad charts, Flow Free. Hope you survive the experience.

Flow Free Bridges on iTunes


8. The Room
Last Week's Position: 4 (-4)

Looks like folks are finding their way out of The Room.

The Room on iTunes


9. Angry Birds Space HD
Last Week's Position: 9 (0)

Angry Birds Space in the ninth position three times in a row? Someone call Herman Cain.

Angry Birds Space HD on iTunes


10. Need for Speed Most Wanted
Last Week's Position: 8 (-2)

Need for Speed Most Wanted breaks off from the pack! Unfortunately in the wrong direction.

Need for Speed Most Wanted on iTunes

Whoa, we're halfway there. At least we've passed all of the toll roads. Time for some free games.


Top Free iPad Games - 11/16/2012


1. Candy Crush Saga
Last Week's Position: N/A's popular Facebook game makes a big splash on the iPad this week. Can't stop playing.

Candy Crush Saga on iTunes


2. Lost Winds 2: Winter of the Melodias
Last Week's Position: N/A

Frontier Developments has two games on the free chart this week, thanks to this incredible bargain.

Lost Winds 2 on iTunes


3. Avengers Initiative Lite
Last Week's Position: N/A

The free version of the excellent Avengers Initiative is here to save us from paying $7.

Avengers Initiative Lite on iTunes


4. Hill Climb Racing
Last Week's Position: N/A

Now that I've played Hill Climb Racing I can honestly say that I still don't see the appeal.

Hill Climb Racing on iTunes


5. Coaster Crazy
Last Week's Position: N/A

Frontier Developments' seocnd game on the list. Haven't played it yet, but it looks incredibly intriguing.

Coaster Crazy on iTunes


6. Bingo Run HD
Last Week's Position: 3 (-3)

So it dropped a little, it's still the only free game that made it from last week to this week on the charts.

Bingo Run HD on iTunes


7. Mystery Detectives: Blackwood and Bell
Last Week's Position: N/A

Because sometimes we need to know where the mysteries are.

Mystery Detectives: Blackwood and Bell on iTunes


8. Bubble Blaze
Last Week's Position: N/A

Step one in getting your game on the charts: Use the word "bubble".

Bubble Blaze on iTunes


9. CSR Racing
Last Week's Position: N/A

The fastest customer service representatives you've ever ridden.

CSR Racing on iTunes


10. Fly, Zeus, Fly! HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

Zeus. King of the gods or just a little lost puppy? Your choice! Yip!

Fly, Zeus, Fly! HD on iTunes

Well that was fun, wasn't it? Join me next week when Apple and iPad gamers conspire to make every game on the list new, eating up my entire weekend.