This Week On PSN: Fret Nice

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This Thursday PlayStation 3 owners can take their guitar controllers into battle with Fret Nice, a rhythm platformer created for the PC by Swedish students, brought to the PlayStation Network courtesy of Tecmo.


Tecmo surprised us at E3 last year with the addition of Fret Nice to its lineup, which traditionally consisted of more "hardcore" titles like Ninja Gaiden and Undead Knights. In comparison to those two, Fret Nice is a relatively light-hearted game, in which players help members of the band Vibrant Chordblasters save the world from the oppressive Hair Bangers. To accomplish this goal, players will rock out on their guitar controllers, pulling off riffs to defeat enemies.

It's an amazing concept, and an excellent use for those guitar controllers gathering dust in the corner of your living room. For a closer look at the game, check out an interview with the folks behind the game at the PlayStation blog, conveniently linked below.

Coming to PSN this Week: Fret Nice [PlayStation Blog]


sounds patapon-esque, with guitars. AWESOME I'm in.