This Week In Video Game Comics

Here's a rundown of the new video game-based comics going on sale in comics shops in the U.S. this week, including the next Gears of War.

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Unbound Saga One-Shot... Written by Mike Kennedy; Art by Cliff Richards, Al Rio Via publisher Dark Horse Comics: Rick Ajax ain't got time nor patience for trouble, but trouble seems to make plenty of time for him. If it ain't one thing, it's something else, and those things always seem to need a good old-fashioned pounding to put to rest. Lori Machete, on the other hand, can't help but get into trouble like the proverbial fox in a henhouse. She may be easy on the eyes, but she can be hard on the jaw when the feathers start to fly.

Based on the (not-so) long-running original series and the upcoming video game from Vogster Entertainment, Unbound Saga reintroduces (for the first time) readers to the seedy back alleys of future Toxopolis and the satirical misadventures that follow Rick and Lori like a shadow . . . Rage off the page!''

Gears of War #8...Written by Joshua Ortega; Art by Federico Dallocchio; Cover by Shane Pierce Via publisher WildStorm Productions: A popular element in the Xbox 360 smash Gears of War 2 are the collectibles describing the tragic end of Sgt. Jonathan Harper. A nine-year veteran Gear, he was captured by the Locust during the assault on the Hollow. Eventually managing to escape, he was able to help a family reach the surface before succumbing to his wounds. The full story of this heroic, selfless soldier is finally told!


American McGee's Grimm #3 (of 5)...Written by Dwight MacPherson; Art by Grant Bond Via publisher IDW: Episode 3: Strap on your chaps and ten-gallon hats-Grimm's in the western comic book world! The dead walk the streets of Gravestone as resurrected outlaw Thumbless Jack Hammer squares off against Sheriff Sam Sixshooter in a showdown at high noon. It's a fight the sheriff always wins… but this time Jack's got a Grimm ace up his sleeve!

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