Gaming-based spin-off comic books are increasingly common. Here are the ones in stores this week.

Via publisher Wildstorm: World of Warcraft #19 ... Written by Walter and Louise Simonson; Art by Mike Bowden and Walden Wong; Cover by Pete Woods — King Varian Wrynn and his son Prince Anduin finally return to Stormwind and celebrate the defeat of Onyxia. Meanwhile, Garona is interrogated by Jaina and Aegwynn, but at what cost?

Via publisher Wildstorm: Resident Evil #2 (of 6)... Written by Rick Sanchez; Art and Cover by Kevin Sharpe and Jim Clark — A space station filled with T-Virus infected astronauts and the deadly new bio-weapon, Hydra, is no place for a young woman, even one as heavily armed as BSAA Agent Mina Gere. On the ground, BSAA Agent Holiday Sugarman is confronted with the viral aftermath of a downed satellite that gave birth to G-Prime, a telepathically enhanced bio-weapon. The two agents are separated by thousands of miles but have the same mission- destroy the bio-weapons, whatever the cost. Ricardo Sanchez and artist Kevin Sharpe bring these new terrors to life as the bio-threat level rises.


Via publisher Wildstorm: Gears of War #7 ... Written by Joshua Ortega; Art by Simon Bisley and Henry Flint; Video game cover art
Of all the storylines in the mega-hit Gears of War 2, few resonate like the tragedy of Tai Kaliso. The story of this proud warrior with a gentle heart is finally told in a special issue pencilled by legendary comic book superstar Simon Bisley (Preview here)