This Week in the Business: 'Xbox 360 Exclusives are Becoming Fewer'

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Xbox 360 exclusives are becoming fewer."—David Cole, analyst at DFC Intelligence, talks about Microsoft's overall entertainment and apps focus taking away from the company's securing game exclusives.


QUOTE | "Consoles are in trouble."—Gene Hoffman, CEO of Vindicia, in an industry panel at CES talking about digital distribution, streaming, and next-generation consoles.

QUOTE | "We expect great software support for Wii U." -Scott Moffitt, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Nintendo of America, promising that the Wii U will have a steady flow of great software.

STAT | 8 percent– Amount game industry sales dropped in 2011 over 2010, counting only hardware and software sold in retail stores.

QUOTE | "I couldn't be more happy."—EA COO Peter Moore, describing how well the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone so far.

QUOTE | "The waters in games journalism are actually pretty calm."—Peer Schneider, Senior Vice President of Content Publishing at IGN entertainment, stating his belief that games journalism is undergoing less upheaval than other vertical markets.

QUOTE | "Streaming will not replace console gaming."—GameStop CEO Paul Raines, speaking about his company's Spawn Labs streaming technology and what it means to traditional gaming.


STAT | 1.7 million—Number of Xbox 360s sold by Microsoft in December, which meant it was the #1 selling console for the US for 2011.

QUOTE | "Tablets are turning out to be great gaming devices."—RW Baird Analyst Colin Sebastian, talking about the rumored iPad 3 and how it will be a good for games.


QUOTE | "We should see new boxes in the market for Christmas of 2012."—Anonymous developer source noting when he expects to see new consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

STAT | 1 Million – Number of copies of World of Goo downloaded through the App Store so far, with over 500,000 downloaded on Android.


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""We should see new boxes in the market for Christmas of 2012."—Anonymous developer source noting when he expects to see new consoles from Microsoft and Sony."

Unless we get a GDC announce, it's not going to happen. E3 is far too close to a launch window, and Microsoft seems to prefer CES to announce anyways (then again, Microsoft's last CES was this year, so make of that what you will). Microsoft's present focus is on Windows 8, so they'll likely draw on that. In addition, the 360's having its best year ever (seriously), and has something like twelve or twenty-two months (minus one where the Wii outdid them) as the top-selling console worldwide. Basically, financially, Microsoft is at the peak of their game and focusing on Windows 8. They have no reason to want to release a console just yet.

As for the PS3, well... the PS3 lost Sony all the money they'd made from both the PS1 and PS2. Unless I'm mistaken, their games division is losing cash (or has just barely turned around; one of the only Sony groups currently profitable is, oddly enough, Sony's insurance wing). Basically, by all standards, the PS3 is a complete failure, and Sony, as a whole, is losing a shit ton of money. They're not actually in a position to develop a new console, especially since their budget is already pointed towards the Vita. Chances are that if the Vita tanks, any prospect of seeing a PS4 will as well. Sony's only chance at salvation right now is if their game wing can start to eke out a living and if they focus on producing a less idiotic console (referring to the split memory pools and the absurdly expensive/useless cell processor). They've got, at present, three years (Kaz Hirai says he believes it will be a ten year lifespan—assuming they need two years for system development, they have three years) left before they need to focus on a new platform. Will they have enough money then to justify it, or will they pull out of the console race? It depends on how much money Sony's other divisions lose and how much SCEJ/A/E makes in those three years.

Oh, and Sony, even with PSN+, is operating it at a financial loss.

Personally, I'd rather see the Playstation hardware die. It's deserved to ever since it killed the Dreamcast (and I'm only trolling a little bit). Sony's always been a much better publisher than hardware manufacturer anyways (at least gameswise).

Obviously, the WiiU is Christmas, though. We already knew that, didn't we?

So, um, yeah. CliffyB said 2014. I'm going to go with CliffyB on this, even though I'd prefer fall 2013.