This Week In The Business: Want To See A Magic Trick?

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QUOTE | “Essentially, in this industry you need to do magic tricks. We did a magic trick with Party Hard, and we can’t do it again. If we have a game with Twitch integration, now every goddamn game has Twitch integration. We can’t do Twitch Plays Punch Club twice.” - Tinybuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik says the realities of the indie market ensure any tactic to stand out from the crowd will only work once.


QUOTE | “We were most excited by the reactions from not the Ingress players, who we knew would be excited about another game, or the active Pokemon players, but from all those lapsed Pokemon fans.” - Niantic CMO Mike Quigley say the studio always understood the role nostalgia could play in Pokemon Go’s success.

QUOTE | “Their performance matters more than mine.” - While accepting a Game Award trophy for his voice acting work, Nolan North co-opts the striking voice actor union’s slogan to downplay their importance to the finished product.

QUOTE | “When I was at PlayStation, people always returned your call.” - Iron Galaxy CEO Adam Boyes jokes about the biggest change since he left his position overseeing developer relations for Sony.

QUOTE | “I think we’ll look back on 2016 as a tipping point for Xbox One.” - Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle says Xbox One S has generated momentum for Microsoft, which will build on itself as consumers, retailers, and publishers gain confidence in the system.

QUOTE | “I take a long-term view. If there are dollars being invested in hardware, that is great for the industry long term. I don’t worry as a video game executive about what’s happening this week, or this month, or this quarter.” - EA chief competition officer Peter Moore isn’t worried if the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S launches hurt software sales this holiday season.

QUOTE | “We need to make sure if VR is taken away from that wider audience, they would want to say ‘hey, no, bring it back’. At the moment that’s not the case.” - Brandwidth head of innovation Dean Johnson says current VR experiences are too expendable.


QUOTE | “The VR market cannot be sustained with spikes from early adopters and therefore the more inherently ‘VR’ titles and game design aspects will eventually prevail.” - Game Futures founder Aki Järvinen explains why VR “needs to find its own voice.”

STAT | 4 - The number of different VR forecasts Superdata has released a for 2016. The first one came out in January, and the numbers have been downgraded three times since.


QUOTE | “It’s also important to understand that women are not a monolith - there are many different women who will face different barriers to entry which we need to recognize.” - XX++ Game Jam developer Nida Ahmad says there’s not one universal answer to increasing diversity in the industry because there’s not one universal cause.

QUOTE | “One of our goals is to really make a product that means we can make Dead Rising 5, 6, 7. That involves expanding and changing the franchise, and therefore sometimes we need to take risks. That means some people will be upset with what you did.” - Dead Rising 4 executive producer Bryce Cochrane explains why the team changed the series uses time constraints (yet again).


QUOTE | “12 years modders/fangames kept Doom alive in gamer hearts, kept people waiting for a good Doom to come. This is the day. You’re welcome, Z.” - DoomRL creator Kornel Kisielewicz gives ZeniMax some passive aggressive attitude after the id Software and Bethesda parent threatened legal action over his fangame.


“I think we’ll look back on 2016 as a tipping point for Xbox One.”

After 2016, we’ll be burning them to stay warm amidst the ashes of civilization.