This Week In The Business: Taking Baby Steps

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QUOTE | “I don’t think VR is a now thing. I’m not saying it’s five years from now, but it’s not really a now now thing.” - Xbox head Phil Spencer, talking about why Microsoft is sitting on the VR sidelines right now.


QUOTE | “So far, cloud gaming is the Coleco Adam of online. It’s a fake demo that doesn’t actually work when it’s out of the showroom.” - Venture capitalist and veteran game exec Bing Gordon, talking about where the game market is and isn’t heading.

QUOTE | “We can talk about religion, about pollution, about death. We can talk about serious subjects in our games in a subtle way, without any judgment but with some emotion inside.” - Yoan Fanise, AAA developer turned indie, talking about the content of games his new studio intends to create.


QUOTE | “These mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and everything in between are just as powerful as purpose-made handheld gaming devices... To me, it’s really just a question of reaching out to that core gamer market with the right product.” - Kabam executive producer and former Diablo dev Phil Shenk, talking about the company’s new mobile RPG Spirit Lords.

QUOTE | “I think it’s a second golden age for PC gaming right now.” - Tripwire Interactive president John Gibson, talking about the PC gaming market and what it’s like for small development studios.

QUOTE | “If you keep making the same kind of game, you will eventually learn a lot. But you will still only learn from small steps, never from big leaps.” - Game industry veteran Jurie Horneman, talking about why fresh game ideas should be difficult.

QUOTE | “If you have had a game released then you know that the majority of sales come from discounts, not from full launch price.” - Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin, explaining the limitations of his utility that pulls a wealth of Steam data for anyone to see.


QUOTE | “I would definitely advise in having enough runway to fail at least once.” - Former XBLA producer Scott Brodie, talking about how to succeed in developing indie games.

STAT | $150 billion – Projected total size of the AR and VR market in 2020 with AR accounting for $120 billion of that, according to Digi-Capital; of those totals, gaming is projected to be about $6 billion for AR and about $12 billion for VR.


QUOTE | “Business-wise, Ori was already profitable a week after release and Microsoft is super happy, so we’ll see about Ori’s future.” - Moon Studios CEO Thomas Mahler, talking about the success of Ori and the Blind Forest, which took four years to make.

STAT | 482% – Increase in Major League Gaming’s ad revenue over last year; the platform also saw the number of viewers increase 253% since last year.

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There’s got to be a middle ground between Phil Spencer’s clear lack of vision regarding VR and Zuckerberg’s complete overvaluation of it. Hopefully that’s where Valve or Sony is operating from.