This Week in the Business: 'Sony has Fallen Blindly in Love with its Brand'

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Sony has fallen blindly in love with its brand."—Tim Calkins, marketing professor at Northwestern University, talking about the huge problems Sony is facing.


QUOTE | "Batman's greatest foes … were Bobby Kotick, Yves Guillemot and John Riccitiello."—Russel Arons, SVP of Worldwide Marketing for Warner Bros. Interactive, talking about how they wanted Batman: Arkham City to sell to all kinds of gamers.

STAT | 16%—Drop in sales last quarter for Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division, which includes the Xbox 360, attributed to an overall soft market for video games.

QUOTE | "Blocking the options for pre-owned games is ... a calculated attack on consumers and retailers."—Veteran game journalist John Walker explaining why used games aren't the source of problems in the game industry, it's the price tag.

QUOTE | "Across the industry, it's as exciting as I've ever seen it in terms of innovation."—Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey talking about changes in the game industry and what it's like working on a billion-dollar franchise.


QUOTE | "I think the Wii U sales will struggle if priced at $300 and at that point even Mario would not be able to help."—Analyst Pietro Macchiarella of Parks Associates, commenting along with other analysts about the Wii U's chances for success.

QUOTE | "Our litigious nature is just a waste of everybody's time."—Patrick Sweeney, head of Reed Smith's Video Game Practice, talking about the possibility of players suing over the ending of Mass Effect 3.


QUOTE | "Our attitude is to assume that it will be cloned within two months."—David Edery, co-founder of Spry Fox, talking about how fast a game like Triple Town gets copied.

STAT | $100 million—Amount of money that hardcore social game developer Kixeye expects to make in 2012, making 20x more per day per user than the average social game.


QUOTE | "The Wii U's strategy for success is simple. It's value."—Steve Peterson, West Coast Editor for GamesIndustry International, on how the Wii U can become the leading console.

QUOTE | "If this is the new formula of success in digital games, then why are so few people making any money?"— Steve Fowler, veteran game marketer at the Ayzenberg Group, talking about why digital distribution isn't living up to its potential.


QUOTE | "The recent ruckus over Mass Effect 3 very well may be a watershed moment in the growth of video games."—Arkadium game designer Matt Plotecher, talking about how the controversy over Mass Effect 3's endings may actually be good for the industry.

QUOTE | "[OS X is] a platform which is growing and which already has a massive audience.'"—Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, talking about why game developers should create games for the Macintosh.


STAT | 1,000—Number of jobs Sony plans to cut across Europe, as the company streamlines in the face of big losses for the year.

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Wait... people are SUING over the Mass Effect 3 ending?

So essentially the same people who are demanding the right to to with as they please to their used games and consoles are also suing people who have every right to do what they please to their intellectual property?

I mean, I know the ending(s) wasn't that great but... suing? Babies. The lot of them.

Moving on... John Walker's article is quite good. The paragraph that summarizes his whole article best is as follows:

"The attempt to control - or even entirely obliterate - the pre-owned market is an attempt to prevent people from selling their own goods, to interfere with the free market, and to artificially induce massive depreciation of your own products. And when a game costs quite so much money in the first place - £45/$60 - it is no wonder that most people cannot afford to buy all they want at full price. And that is the point. This is a matter of how publishers behave, not what retailers and consumers do with the results."

+3478219019238471092983471 Truthiness EXP.

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