This Week in the Business 'PS3 has a Great Future Ahead of It Over the Next Few Years.'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week …

QUOTE | "PS3 has a great future ahead of it over the next few years."-John Koller, Sony VP, talking about the holiday season and future prospects for the PS3, as well as how it's a "marathon, not a sprint" for Vita.


QUOTE | "There is a deep and fundamental lack of professional ethics in the games media."-Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking about the pervasive influence of game companies on game journalists.

QUOTE | "If you looked at World of Tanks two years ago, when we launched, it looked like a piece of crap."-Victor Kislyi, CEO of, talking about the progress they've made with their games.

QUOTE | "I just don't have any faith in Disney's ability to truly leverage The Force for hardcore gamers."-James Brightman, US Editor for GamesIndustry International, talking along with other journalists about what Disney's Lucasfilm acquisition might mean to gamers.

STAT | 67%-Percentage of the total time spent on tablets devoted to gaming, according to a study by Flurry; this compares to 39% of the time on smartphones. QUOTE | "Kinect is going to be something that everyone's going to want to own."-Matt Barlow, GM of product marketing for Xbox, talking about why the Xbox 360 is the best HD console now and into next year.


QUOTE | "The growth in social network gaming has slowed? That's like describing what just hit the East Coast as a ‘storm'."-Steve Peterson, West Coast Editor for GamesIndustry International, commenting onwhat EA said about social games during its latest earnings call with analysts.

QUOTE | "What they're implicitly saying is that they don't think that games should tackle taboo subjects."-Chris Delay, co-founder of Introversion, talking about critics of their new game Prison Architect.


QUOTE | "If I pitch a new idea to my Kickstarter fans and nobody wants to fund it, I'm glad I didn't make it."-Brian Fargo, CEO of InXile, talking about why he'll keep using Kickstarter even if Wasteland II is a big hit.

QUOTE | "As we speak we are planning to release also all the games we've taken from their servers for free."-Hacktivist group Anonymous, writing in broken English about their plan to attack Zynga, and somehow hurt them by giving away Zynga's already free games.


STAT | 1 million-Number of sales that THQ's Darksiders II has probably exceeded so far, according to analysts; unfortunately, the break-even threshold is 2 million units

STAT | 75%-Percentage of smartphones shipped in the third quarter that used the Android operating system; Apple's iOS was only 14.9% of the smartphones shipped, and Microsoft's Windows Phone was just 2%.


STAT | $9.7 million-Operating loss for Sega's games division last quarter on revenues of $445 million; this compares to a loss of $74.6 million last year, so things are getting better.

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