This Week In The Business: Poor Esportsmanship

Image via WorldStarHipHop
Image via WorldStarHipHop

QUOTE | “We would like to address an expectation of ours that was not met by our newest champion, Chris ‘Dubby’ McFarland.” - An Electronic Arts statement announcing that the Madden Bowl winner was fined $3,000 for inappropriate posts he made on social media, even after the publisher warned him.


STAT | $696 million - The size of the worldwide eSports market in 2017, as projected by Newzoo. The research firm believes most of that money will come from sponsors and advertisers, with only $64 million coming from consumer spending on tickets and merchandise.

STAT | $20 million - The total investment over five years that Nazara Games has committed to developing the eSports ecosystem within India.

QUOTE | “This move puts us in the best position to grow the service even further.” - PlayStation Now senior marketing manager Brian Dunn explains why Sony is killing the streaming game service on all platforms except the PS4 and PC.

STAT | 12 - The number of times Grand Theft Auto V has topped the UK’s weekly retail sales chart since its launch in 2013. Only Zumba Fitness (13 weeks), Wii Fit (16 weeks), and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (18 weeks!) have taken the top spot more frequently.

QUOTE | “In IT, we have a saying; stay away from the Three Os: Orientals, Old People and Ovaries.” - A piece of advice from a hiring seminar at Magic Leap, according to a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the augmented reality firm brought by former VP of strategic marketing and brand identity Tannen Campbell.

QUOTE | “As soon as game companies start to do well, they cease the sharing of their data.” - Superdata CEO Joost van Dreunen gives one reason that efforts to chart digital sales of games have been slow to develop.


STAT | 1 - The number of weeks in Early Access it took for Funcom’s open-world survival MMO Conan Exiles to earn back the money invested in it, with 320,000 players out of the gate.

QUOTE | “There aren’t many publishers that are really worth your time as a developer. What they bring to you needs to be very clear. If they don’t have good grounding in social media, communication and press then it’s not worth it.” - Reigns developer Francois Alliot offers advice for creators on the lookout for partners.


STAT | $900,000 - The amount of money sought on Kickstarter by a group of developers hoping to make an Apocalypse Now game. When the campaign wound down with only $173,000 pledged in support, they cancelled the campaign and started a separate crowdfunding push on their own site with a goal of $5.9 million.

QUOTE | “It’s not a numbers game. You can’t take 10 or 20 or 30 or 100 stabs and hope one makes it.” - Wilhelm Österberg, GM and managing director of Snowprint’s new Berlin studio, explains how quantity-over-quality attitudes led to layoffs in multiple German developers in the last year.



Wow, that’s just stupid. Was there no reflection at the company that maybe this is one of their problems with women?