This Week In The Business: Nintendo Switch Flippers

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QUOTE | “The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges.” - Nintendo, making an example of employees at one of its US distributors who stole Switch systems and sold one to a NeoGAF poster who promptly showed it off online.

STAT | 32 GB - The space needed to download the Nintendo Switch title Dragon Quest Heroes 1-2. The system’s internal memory is only 32 GB In total, some of which is reserved for the platform’s operating system, so users would need to purchase a separate SD card to store the game on.

QUOTE | “Anytime a dev goes out of business, that’s a bad thing for the industry. Going all-in on VR right now, unless you have a good business plan, is not a very good thing to do.” - Oculus head of content Jason Rubin discourages developers from betting too heavily on virtual reality.


QUOTE | “Half-Life came along and was amazing and great, but it showed everybody a different road to go down, and we kind of lost sight of those other roads for a good decade” - Tower of Guns and Mothergunship developer Joe Mirabello insists that despite the sheer number of first-person shooters on the market, there’s still plenty of unexplored space for designers to play with in the genre.

STAT | 6-8 million units - Research firm Superdata’s projected lifetime sales for Horizon: Zero Dawn, putting it on par with blockbusters like Uncharted 4.

STAT | $45,131 - Estimated E3 cost for a company having four people run a 200 square-foot booth over the course of the three-day show.

QUOTE | “Don’t you like maple syrup, Canadian bacon (no, we don’t call it that), and people who say “sorry” when you bump into them?” - The Frosty Pop Corps founder Faisal Sethi, arguing that the organizers of the Game Developers Conference should move the show to Canada.


QUOTE | “In no way do we aspire to be a political game… The goal was open-mindedness and inclusivity, where diversity was the beautiful end result... We wanted to create a world where everyone was welcome.” - Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan apparently doesn’t think Overwatch’s promotion of diversity counts as political.

QUOTE | “That you can be made to spend that much money and effort defending yourself from spurious claims should be a worrying prospect for anybody whose job involves saying things that some people aren’t going to like.” - Jim Sterling, discussing the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against him by Digital Homicide, a developer whose games he criticized online.


QUOTE | “Say you have one box that goes into another box. This sounds silly, but you can actually sit there and say to yourself, ‘What is the motivation of this one box going into another one?’” - Owlboy developer Simon Stafsnes Andersen gives advice on worldbuilding for indies on a budget.

QUOTE | “I am a subscriber of something I like to call minimalist anachronism, or anarchism for lazy people. It’s about not taking something at face value, or doing something because that’s how it’s always been done. It’s asking yourselves: ‘Is there a better way of doing it that makes people happier?’” - Jonas Antonsson, CEO of Swedish indie publisher Raw Fury, explains the personal world view that guides his company.

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I’m not too worried about Switch’s internal storage. If I have to buy a $20 SD (or is it micro-SD?) card to expand it out, so be it. I’m just thankful Nintendo didn’t take the Sony route, and make proprietary memory cards like they did for Vita and PSP.