This Week in the Business: 'Nintendo Has Set Up the Wii U for Failure.'

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Nintendo has set up the Wii U for failure."—Dan Hsu, editor in chief of GamesBeat, talking along with journalists and analysts about the mixed critical reception to the Nintendo's launch of the Wii U.


STAT | $500 million—Amount that Call of Duty: Black Ops II generated in its first 24 hours of release worldwide; Activision says it's the biggest entertainment launch of the year for the fourth year in a row.

QUOTE | "The next generation of young gamers is definitely being raised on tablets."—Greg Harper, general manager, Supercell North America, talking along with other developers about the future of tablets as a mass market gaming platform.

QUOTE | "The THQ of today possesses little of value, either in IP, brand equity, or intrinsic core competency in its business."—Jon Kimmich, CEO of Software Illuminati, along with other industry insiders talking about what THQ could possibly do to revive its business.

QUOTE | "For next-generation [console games] the buzz is much more 'game as a service, continued content'."—Joe Minton, co-founder of Digital Development Management, talking about what kind of games are coming for next-gen consoles.

STAT | 50 million—Number of Steam users so far, according to Sega VP of digital distribution John Clark; some 5 million users are playing concurrently

QUOTE | "You'd be hard-pressed to find many funds looking at console gaming as an investment opportunity."—Bram Sugarman, venture capitalist, talking about why mobile and free-to-play games are drawing major investments now.


QUOTE | "It was draining and upsetting—a tough time in the company."—Rockstar VP Dan Houser talking about the studio's legal trouble over the Hot Coffee sexual minigame inside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

STAT | 5 million—Number of Russians playing Crytek's free-to-play Warface FPS; the game attracted 1 million registered users in its first week.


QUOTE | "Perhaps the backlash starts with the perception of greed and panhandling."—Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking about the criticism of high-profile Kickstarters from industry vets David Braben and Peter Molyneux.

STAT | 10%—Percentage of Windows Phone gamers that spend more than $25 per month (called "whales"); this is far higher than the 4% a month common on both iOS and Android.


STAT | 6 million—Number of 3DS handhelds Nintendo has sold in the US so far; Nintendo has sold over 22 million worldwide.

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22 million worldwide in 1.5 years and selling faster than the original DS, yet dedicated handhelds are now dead.

Why do people just love to hate on Nintendo? Look at the Wii U for example, everyone was complaining and bitching because there was no hulu or amazon at launch. Within 72 hours of launch, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube were launched on the eShop. People are now bitching about Nintendo Tvii, yet the service will debut sometime next month (which December happens to start in about a week). I have every console available right now, and I have never seen so much hate for a company as I have seen since the Wii U was announced.

During September, When they annouced the price of the Wii U and that they are giving you a FREE game, and bloggers and journalists were still complaining it was not enough for the price you are paying. If it was not that, it was the fact that Nintendo screwed up during e3 by showing Nintendo Land, which if you play it on your own (and not in demo), it actually is a pretty good game and worth the price of admission. An do not forget all the hate Nintendo received when they did not show a new Zelda during E3, even though Skyward Sword launched SIX MONTHS prior to the e3 presser. Do you honestly think they would have another game ready in six months time? Yet at the same time, these are same gamers, bloggers, journalists, and analysts complaining about the amount of sequels. Nintendo goes on to create Nintendo Land, and all every one did was bitch, because we got no Zelda, Metroid, Fzero, 3d Mario, Star Fox, etc.

So the point is people really need to stop bitching and whining at Nintendo because it really is starting to get old. This is the same company that people have been saying will be dead since the start of the Millennium, and they are here with around 10 billion sitting in the bank.

"The Wii had two distinct advantages at launch; it was half the price of competing consoles (though it lacked the processing power and HD output), and it had a unique, easy-to-grasp interface with the Wiimote motion control. The Wii was readily understandable by anyone in the family, regardless of prior game experience. Grandma could grab a Wiimote and bowl or play tennis readily."

Why is Nintendo bound to only the casual Market? I really do not think the author of the article understands the point of the Wii U. Especially when you consider all peripherals will work with the new console. An grandma who has a wii u, will still be able to pick up the same Wii remote as before and start playing her games.

And the fact he used the verge as a reliable site for quotes is even more hilarious. If you read any article they have written about the Wii U it has been overall negative, sometimes even unwarranted.

Especially when you consider the gamepad nothing more than a gimmick , yet at the same time, my multi-touch iPhone was once a gimmick, the mouse on a computer was a gimmick, two screen gaming on the ds was a gimmick, HD picture was a gimmick, I mean every piece of tech that has been created can fall into the category as a gimmick. Yet somehow it only allows to the Wii U according to their standards. An they only refer to the console as "the gimmick."

And I should say I have a Wii U along with an x360, Ps3, vita, and 3Ds.