What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Is Microsoft thinking about dropping the disc?" โ€” Rob Fahey, former editor at GamesIndustry.biz, discussing whether Microsoft's new console will go completely solid-state.

STAT | 66 million โ€” Number of iPads that Apple could sell in 2012, according to some analyst estimates.

QUOTE | "I don't know that console gaming will ever go away." โ€” Warren Spector, noted designer of Epic Mickey, talking about his career, design philosophies and the future of games.


QUOTE | "I don't think it gets any weirder and cooler than this." โ€“ Jeff Gerstmann, Editor-in-Chief of Giant Bomb, talking about his move back to GameSpot after having been fired by them in 2007.

QUOTE | "Consoles define the highest and most impressive graphics experience anywhere." โ€” Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, talking about consoles versus other devices, like tablets.


STAT | 150 million โ€“ Number of registered users across all of the browser-based games such as AdventureQuest published by Artix.

QUOTE | "If you are to have violence in a game there needs to be some meaning behind this." โ€” Yosuke Hayashi, head of Team NINJA, talking about Ninja Gaiden 3 and violence in games.


QUOTE | "The weirder the better." โ€” Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Labs, describing his vision for the future of the Second Life creators.

QUOTE | "The current model of buy a game for $60, play for 40 hours is going to have to change." โ€” Nexon America CEO Daniel Kim talking about what has to happen for publishers to survive.


QUOTE | "We thought they would just shoot it down." โ€“ Alex Ness, producer of Skylanders, talking about pitching the idea for the game to Activision.

STAT | 68% โ€“ Percentage of iOS and Android games being played that are by publishers who never put out a game for another platform before their mobile games.


QUOTE | "Entertainment, in the end, is a food industry for feeling." โ€” Jenova Chen, Creative Director for thatgamecompany, talking about what's important in game designs.

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